Useful plugins for MODX


Modx is one of the most popular CMS in the world, on the basis of which you can create websites of any complexity. Standard functionality is expanded with all kinds of plugins.


Ace - editor with code highlighting for templates and snippets

Articles - blog component

FormIt - form component

Gallery - plugin for creating galleries

HitsPage - page views counter

If - plugin adding if-else functionality to templates

Quip - reviews plugin

SimpleSearch - Site Search

SEO Tab - SEO settings

TinyMCE - editor

Translit - transliteration of aliases for url

UpgradeMODX - update CMS from admin panel

tagLister - allows you to generate a list of tags, which is formed on the basis of the unique values ​​of TV parameters. This functionality is often used to sort the list of resources according to certain parameters.

getResources - displays information from resources according to a specified pattern.

getPage - used to break down the list of resources displayed by the getResources, getProducts add-on into several pages using page-by-page navigation.

Archivist - generates links for the widget of the archive of notes (resources) with human-readable URLs and filters documents for a specified period of time (month, year).

FileAttach - module for uploading files to resources in the site manager

pdoTools - a set of convenient snippets for everyday work

phpThumbOn - image preview

miniShop2 - online store

All add-ons are free.

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